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A Course on Probability

Hi! My name is Sandeep Yadav and I welcome you to this course on probability. Hope you'll learn a lot from here. Let's get started.

What is Probability

Probability is the expectation of some event to happen. Like if you say- "I think it's gonna rain today." Then you're not sure that it's gonna rain today or not. You are just guessing and uncertain about the event. Basically this uncertainity is probability

For Example

An international match of soccer is going on. The two captains were in the field and the toss is about to happen. What is the possibility of one team of winning that toss? If you said it's half then you're right. This is the theory of probability in our daily life.


The coin with which the toss is about to happen has two sides- head and tail and there are half chances that one of them will come and so does the chances of winning for each team.

Hope you got it. If not then you can watch the below video for live example.

So this is all you need to know about the basics of probability. It's an awesome thing to learn in Mathematics and these tutorials are meant to help you understand probability in simplest way possible.

What is the probability of getting a head when you toss a coin?

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