The ROAD: An Inerasable Experience

It was Thursday night, We (my friends and I) were planning to go to Bhrigu Trek. Suddenly I got a phone call from one of my friends, who said that we would go the next weekend so that few other friends could also join us. With a little disappointment, I said that I wouldn’t be

My Journey to 3:36:45 Marathon

It was 4:36 AM and the cool wind was blowing while volunteers were cheering. A female voice came: Well done, only a few more meters to go, KEEP MOVING. A smile from ear to ear came to my face. I was running Nirbhaya Midnight Marathon in Bengaluru. I was able to see the finish line,

4 Steps To Create Success Habits

Everyone wants to be successful. Which made me think a great question: What makes successful people successful? When I thought about it, I started reading about it. I always believe that the greatest resource to learn or research about anything is INTERNET (and, I mean it). Now a day you can find anything and everything on the internet. So

How and Why I Started Running?

Many of my friends keep asking me, How do I run so much? Why do I run? etc. etc. Today, When I thought about my running history I recollected every blurred memory attached to it clearly. This enforced me to write about it. So… How I Started Running? When I was in Class 10th, I used

12 Tony Robbins Quotes That Can Change Your Life

According to me, there is nobody like Tony Robbins in the area of personal development. He and his awesome books and inspirational CD’s and audio are such an excellent source of motivation that I blindly listen to him and apply his instructions and see the results myself. He has shared his message about positive attitude

Roopkund Trek, Day 3: Bedni Bugyal to Patthar Nachauni

We were tired after a wonderful journey of the second day. I had a long and good sleep at night. After waking up at 6:00 am, when I came outside the tent, everyone was already outside doing some activities. I looked at NANDA-GHUNTI peak. She was shining like gold when the sun rays were falling on

Change Starts With You

Change starts with you, but it doesn’t start until you do. –Tom Ziglar This Diwali as I was messaging my friends and wishing them ‘Happy Diwali’, one of my friends asked me: “Did you burst crackers?” “I stopped bursting them; I think I’ve already told you this last year.” I tried to make her remember.

12 Albert Einstein Quotes That Can Change Your Life

Albert Einstein is my favorite scientist. His knowledge is helping countless people in one or the other way. I love to read about him, Especially his quotes are so powerful that I read them whenever possible. His quotes are very much responsible for my attitude, thinking, imagination, lifestyle and more impotently my habits. They helped

Roopkund Trek, Day 2: Didna Village to Bedni Bugyal

After the first day’s hike, we were ready for the second day’s trek. In morning we had a delicious lemon tea followed by the breakfast. The lunch for the day was also packed and we began the trek at 7:45am from Didna Village. Literally I was very excited because after this we were going to stay in the tents.

Myth: Marks Defines Knowledge

Once I was traveling in a bus, going from home to hostel. One adult man is seating beside me, asked ‘What do you do?‘ I replied ‘I am preparing for JEE/AIEEE.‘ ‘How many percentage you have scored in 12th?‘ I said ‘68%‘ With a smile, he said ‘You know, my niece has 92% and he was not